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Tractical is a Software Development shop specialized in Ruby on Rails, Javascript and Lean Methodologies.

About our services

We offer services derived from UX/UI Design, Software and Product Development. More than just focusing on turning an idea into a product, we actually focus on creating a sustainable business around it. You know, that kind of product that customers want and will pay for.

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    From zero to launch

    Since over a decade we've been behind the trenches of many products from its conception all the way through its first launch and beyond. We've seen and dealt with both successes and failures. Those experiences have given us the required vision to drive you through this very first stage in the best possible way.

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    On-going maintenance

    As both your users and code base grow, things tend to get wild thus harder to keep under control. We can help you to keep a healthy heartbeat by actually knowing how things are going from the inside out and, if necessary, get them back on track so that you can keep growing your business out of technology-related bottlenecks.

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    Over the years we've nailed industry's best practices within our own team and lately we've managed to replicate them within other companies. We can help you to introduce new technologies, deal with legacy systems, implement sustainable development practices, put things—and people—together, do pair programming sessions and so on.

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What our clients say about us

We hired Tractical to help us in the development of our product. I can say that I'm really impressed by the quality of the work provided by the team. We had the pleasure to work with Amed, Javier and René. All 3 of them are very talented. I recommend them for any company that need RoR programming.

Jonathan Rat, CTO |

I have been working with Tractical for the past 12 months and I am impressed with Amed and his team. Tractical has demonstrated professionalism, thoughtfulness and dedication to the project. After working with other development teams, Tractical's results definitely exceeded my initial expectations.

Raúl Treviño, CEO |

Tractical has been a fundamental part of the team for the tech development side of They spread their expertise in several areas such as front-end, back-end and business development always keeping in mind the overall impact on users experience. We can say that with their help we've been able to build the most flexible online food delivery platform for the Mexican market.

Eduardo Dominguez, Partner |

Tractical delivers expertise, professionalism and top quality work. Projects are completed promptly and with attention to detail. Moreover they are great people and are a pleasure to work with.

Ethan Tan, CEO |

Core Team

We're a small, young and multidisciplinary team of technology enthusiasts who have one main thing in common: we love building products that provide real value for societies thus businesses.


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Whether you have an upcoming project, an idea in mind or if you just want to write us to say hello, we'd love to hear from you.


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